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Are you facing criminal charges? While this can be an intimidating experience, it is by no means a hopeless one. A reliable criminal defense attorney can build a strong case for your defense and aggressively protect your legal rights. As your legal advocate, I, Attorney Ned Barnett, can ensure that you receive fair treatment. I always fight for the most favorable and just outcome for my clients. I have seen the ramifications that can stem from a criminal conviction, and you can be confident that I will do everything possible to ensure that I help you avoid that situation.

With an impressive court record and a hard-earned reputation as a trial attorney, I have proven my mettle time and time again. When I work on your case, I bring with me over 25 years of experience. This unique perspective will allow me to give you the comprehensive knowledge and hard-hitting tactics that I know will give me the best possible chance of success in your case. By retaining me as your Houston criminal defense attorney, you also have the advantage of:

  • An attorney who is a Board Certified expert in criminal law with The Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS).
  • A fourth-generation lawyer- The legal profession is in my blood.
  • A former prosecutor- I know how the "other side" thinks.

How My Firm Can Help You: Areas of Practice

If you are currently struggling with a criminal charge, then it is important to realize that you are not alone. Even though the situation might appear daunting, there is hope and there is help to assist in protecting your legal rights. At my firm, I am personally invested in every case and work exhaustively to give my clients sophisticated and professional legal advice. For example, should you be facing charges pertaining to a sex crime, you will be able to trust that you are in capable and experienced hands.

I have seen these cases frontward and backward and know the techniques of defense to use to help my clients protect their freedom. In these delicate cases, such as those involving sexual abuse, rape, molestation, and sexual assault, I am fully aware of the consequences of a conviction and will therefore fight tooth and nail to help my clients defend their freedom and good name.

Have Questions About Your Case?

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I also represent clients who are facing charges relating to sex crimes that involve children, such as aggravated sexual assault of a child, indecency with a child, child pornography, and sex with a minor. These are unique cases and should only be handled by the most experienced attorneys. I feel strongly that you must be confident knowing that you have hired the most knowledgeable lawyer available to provide you with a comprehensive defense.

At my firm, I have also proven my mettle defending against DWI charges — I know just how severe DWI penalties can be and I will do everything that I can to combat the possibility of conviction. Should you be facing a charge of this nature, I will do everything possible to either get the charges dismissed, reduced, or get a not guilty verdict. Even in cases involving underage DWI, felony DWI, or intoxicated manslaughter, I can be trusted to provide a high-quality defense.

Beyond these areas of practice, I am also available to help clients who are being accused of drug crimes (such as possession, sales, manufacturing, trafficking, or distribution), as well as clients who are interested in expungement or those who are currently being charged with a federal crime. Even in cases involving white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, internet crimes, violent crimes, and theft crimes, I can be trusted to bring my high level of care to your case.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

More than just promises, I can offer you a track record that will back up my word. For example, I am Board Certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. While you might assume all criminal defense lawyers are required to have this level of legal specialization, this is simply not true. This is a rare quality to find in a criminal defense attorney and it is one that should be valued as a mark of a high-caliber lawyer. With qualifications such as this, I have shown that I have a thorough and in-depth background that allows me to offer trustworthy legal assistance.

Moreover, I have shown that I have valuable experience beyond what can be learned by extensively studying the law as I have. I have the personal touch that allows me to truly get to know my clients and protect their best interests. For this reason, I was nominated as a "Top Lawyer for the People" by H Texas Magazine. This displays my deep commitment to serving my clients, something that I have always held and taken great pride in as the core of my practice. I know that my clients are the heart of what I do. If I represent you, you can trust that I will never waiver from this dedication to offering personalized representation — one client and one victory at a time.

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If you are currently struggling with a criminal prosecution or are being investigated, or if a loved one is facing criminal charges, then I encourage you to contact my firm today. With a background in prosecution — both at the state and federal level — and a thorough understanding of the criminal defense process, I will do everything that I can to help you achieve your desired result. I will call upon my vast resources and utilize every aspect of my experience to craft the strongest possible defense for your case.

Even if your case seems hopeless and the circumstances daunting, I will not be deterred. From pre-trial strategy to tenaciously arguing your case in front of a jury or judge at trial, I always strive for excellence. You can trust that I will continue to do so in my efforts to assist you. Your decision of whom you choose to represent you could be the most important decision you make in your criminal case. Make sure it isn't a decision you regret. I am here to help. If you are facing serious criminal charges and are in need of serious defense, contact the Law Offices of Ned Barnett.

I am also proud to help clients who reside in Galveston.

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